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Coaching and Consulting

How does Coaching Work?

The first step in establishing a coaching relationship is always an initial evaluation of your goals and a candid discussion about what you can expect from your coach and vice-versa. Once you decide that coaching is for you, you and your coach will reach an agreement about the structure that you will follow. As is common with most business relationships, you and your coach will establish a service contract to reflect this.

For coaching to be effective, you must commit to a minimum of four (4) , 30 minute sessions of coaching per month. You may choose to use your sessions weekly, bi-weekly, or more frequently depending on your goals. You may combine sessions at any time to benefit from a longer coaching session.


Coaching is all about you and the future you envision for yourself. Unlike therapy or other consulting help, coaching can easily take place over the telephone or via teleconference. You don’t have to carve extra time out of your day for transportation and waiting. Once your coaching session begins, you can be assured that the time will be spent to maximize your benefit.

Occasionally, clients choose to participate in face to face coaching. This option is also available to you, and your coach will travel to meet you at your workplace or another mutually agreed upon location in the central Orange County area, at least for the initial session. Ongoing travel will incur a slightly greater cost.