FastPass to Your Future

Coaching and Consulting


Coaching fees vary depending on the services you request. For personal coaching, you can expect to pay a monthly fee, which is billed in advance, with a minimum commitment for 3 months. If you choose to take advantage of assessments, such as MBTI or emotional intelligence, you will be billed a separate fee and will also likely spend longer times in coaching during the month than the minimum in order to focus on addressing your goals in light of the assessment results.

For executive coaching, you will almost always participate in several assessments, such as 360’s or leadership styles. Executive coaching includes intensive work that is customized depending on your needs and goals. To be most effective, you can expect to make a minimum commitment of 6 months.  The coaching expense will reflect this. Your return on investment will exponentially make up for the initial cost.

Executive coaching can be effective in helping you become more influential, make better decisions, improve communication and working relationships and accelerate leadership competencies that you need to reach your career aspirations. This is the FastPass to Your Future.