Sometimes your life is defined in a single moment.

Let it be Today.

Go Boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Meet Your Coach

​Azahar Lopez, PsyD is a licensed psychologist who has spent years working with people to maximize their potential. Years of experience blend a unique skill set that draws from her understanding of human behavior and from her experience developing leadership capabilities and effectiveness in organizations.

As your coach, Dr. Lopez won’t become your therapist. In fact, if it becomes evident that you would benefit from therapy rather than coaching, your coach will help you find the resources you need. Yet, if minor personal issues of the past affect your ability to focus on your coaching goals, Dr. Lopez is able to talk through them with you so they do not become a barrier to your success. Then, you will jump right back into focusing on your future. ​

You are content with your life, yet you know there are still goals to accomplish, dreams to come true and life challenges to overcome. Maybe, you are having trouble meeting your health goals, finding the best ways to deal with stress or taking your career to the next level. You know you have what it takes, if you just had the right support to make it happen. You have told yourself many times, that you will get to it… someday.

Today is the day. Take the first step toward the rest of your life. Fast pass to Your Future coaching and consulting is the partner you have been looking for to help you reset your course and make those goals a reality.

Personal and executive coaching can help propel you to the next level of your life. It is an investment in your future that focuses on making choices today so you can have the tomorrow you envision. You won’t spend unnecessary time examining the past or dwelling on failures. You will engage in personal introspection to leverage your strengths and to make commitments that you can keep.

FastPass to Your Future

Coaching and Consulting


FastPass to your Future can help businesses develop effective workforce strategies and promote leadership development among all levels of the organization. 


A FastPass coach is especially sensitive to the challenges every person faces at one point or another in his or her life. Even good changes, like getting married to a loving spouse or getting that great job you wanted can trigger stress and uncertainty. Personal or life coaching can get you through those times when you know you just need a helpful nudge. 


A FastPass coach is the ideal partner to think through those important business decisions every leader must make at various times. Executive coaching is not just for executives. It is a partnership to help you discover your strengths and personal style and develop leadership competencies that will make you even more effective in your career. 

You  have goals. We help you meet them.